Fast Track Your Sales Is A Digital Agency

Delivering local search optimization, social media, mobile marketing and search marketing solutions for the medical community.

Running a small business is hard work. There are bills to pay; staff to find and manage; expensive equipment to maintain and update; the list goes on . . . We see it all too often…
•You struggle to find a consistent source of new clients
•You worry about the rising costs of running your business
•You seem to be working longer and longer hours to get through your to-do list but without seeing any real results
•Finding that new staff member seem impossible 
•You have spent countless hours (and dollars) on marketing and ads that just don’t seem to work.
•Your next appointment just cancelled
But that’s ok, you were trained for more important work, not spending countless hours trying to make marketing ads work or play seemingly endless games of phone tag with new client enquiries. That’s why we can at least take the marketing struggle off your plate and let you focus on taking care of business. It’s what we do.
Are you ready to grow? Our dedicated team is ready to help.
We make things really simple for you by taking all your marketing needs off your hands. No more guesswork, no more late nights trying to work Facebook rules out, just rock solid results.
Ian and the team of creative marketers at Fast Track Your Sales understand the challenges of growing a business. After all, we’re a small business too. My team and I pride ourselves on the results we achieve for our family of clients and we would love to help you grow your business as well.
You see we understand that when you have a consistent and predictable stream of new sales coming in the door, (and of course the cashflow that comes with that) that the most stressful part of your business becomes what to do with all the extra cash…
We use a carefully developed 9 step process that takes you from stress and overwhelm to a well structured and profitable business that in a relatively short time frame can give you the business and the lifestyle you’ve always dreamt about.
Every practice is unique so there is no “one size fits all “, so stop wasting money on advertising that doesn’t work and let us build you a pipeline of clients that will blow you away. Let us do the marketing so you can focus on doing what you love to do.
Please understand the value and results we create are not cheap, and we only ever work with one business in any given local area. So, we of course need to establish whether we would be a good fit working together. My reputation is my best asset and I can only be of benefit to businesses who are well respected, willing to advertise and follow up, and can cope with the extra business that we will generate.

Internet Marketing With Fast Track Your Sales Delivers

More Customers

Internet marketing can bring hundreds to thousands of people to your website every day. These people will be exposed to your business and some percentage of these will become new customers. Of course, the more customers you get the more money you will make. We will help you fill your customer funnel.

Dedicated Help

We are only interested in one thing at Fast Track Your Sales. Our goal is to make you more money. You can email or call us at anytime if you have questions or concerns and we will work with you to make sure you get EVERYTHING you need. We are here to help you grow your business to a whole new level.

More Money and More Time

Our methodology focuses on accomplishing brand goals and generating ROI for your business. Our customized approach is designed to move potential customers through your client acquisition funnel with as little manual attention as possible. By automating the process and "playing the numbers" your business can't help but grow.

Less Stress

Internet marketing, search engine optimization, PPC, Blogs, Web 2.0 — that stuff may seem confusing! Fast Track Your Sales takes care of everything you need to be successful with internet advertising. You can rest easy knowing the technical details are in capable hands leaving you to focus on running your business.

Powerful Customer Outreach

It’s no longer good enough to just be listed in the phone book and local newspapers. It is critical to build your brand online – both with your website and through social media (FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Pinterest, etc.) Within the next 10 years phone books will be non-existent. Internet search engines and social media properties whether viewed through a computer or on a mobile phone are fast becoming the norm for people to find phone numbers, local businesses and all their other shopping needs.