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Ian Wood house is the founder o Nimble Business Coaching, and is a highly intuitive coach with an uncanny ability to see the heart of problems and create solutions that are simple and highly effective.


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Ian is a business profitability and growth expert, Curator of best practice ideas, and founder of Nimble Coaching. He uses over 25 years of business growth experience with global market leading companies (GE Lighting, Schering Plough Pharmaceuticals and Pacific Brands), the collective knowledge of the market and a network of leading mentors to help business owners identify ways to grow their business which are achievable, scalable and profitable.

Ian believes that as Business Leaders and Professionals, we usually do the best we know how. That is the expectation. But If we continue to do what we know then our results will most likely be incremental, and that is okay. But if you are looking for breakthrough results in your business, you need a willingness to challenge your thinking, your vision and your effectiveness. That is when the real magic happens.

As a multifaceted coach and consultant, Ian also brings deep business systems expertise in: leadership development, strategic planning, financial analysis and planning, marketing, technology, high performing teams and organizational design, sales and manufacturing.

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Your external perspective shone new light on opportunities that I’m not necessarily capitalising on and what I need to do next. Our conversation has made me think about my business differently and given me an understanding that I can genuinely earn good money from my passion. That, in itself, is priceless


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Is to help business leaders create a smarter, simpler and more profitable way of growing their business whilst having more time to spend doing the things they truly love to do. To create a life full of freedom, meaning and fulfilment and make a difference in our lives, our community and our world.


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As a Business Profitability and Growth Coach, I’ll help you clarify the vision of your business and how it fits in with your personal goals (and your personality). help you build the structure, with the systems and the resources to support your growth, and the sales, marketing and enterprise to allow you to grow your business to heights you never dreamed were possible.

We can identify where you have the most impact or success and where you’re wasting time or energy (or cash) in your business.

As a Curator of Information, I use my unique research and analysis skills to find and distil the most relevant, important and best practice ideas from across the world’s highest performing people and businesses. I then use this refined data to help you create the shortest path to predictable and profitable growth without the stress and with less hours.

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